Marble Dipped Bottles: Downloadable PDF Instructions

These downloadable DIY Instructions will tell you everything you need to make your own beautiful set of marble dipped bottles. We do all the research and testing, create the instructions, and point you in the right direction for where to buy supplies, so you can sit back and enjoy the fun part!

Not only will you create something gorgeous and unique for your home, but you will really enjoy the Clever Poppy experience!

The Marble Dipped Bottles are super versatile and can be styled in many lovely ways in your home. They also make a perfect gift. 

Check out a review of this project by The Home Scene here.

    Difficulty rating: 3/10 for adults

    Time it takes to complete this project: approx 45 mins plus time for the paint etc to dry

    Download Process: Once you have completed your purchase, a link to DIY instructions will be sent to you, so you can download them right away.

    I am sure you will love creating this project - in fact I'm so positive that if you aren't totally stoked with your project I'll give you a full refund on your purchase.

    Clever Poppy x

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