Make a Floral Backdrop

Let me show you how to make the most lovely and effective floral backdrop for your next celebration! I've teamed up with Scotch®, to showcase their awesome new Wall Safe Tape in this project. It is seriously perfect for this concept, because it sticks securely, but removes cleanly from the wall (don't worry about it tearing the paint or wall paper). 

So all you need to do is cut real or artificial flowers into small stems. Then tape them directly onto the wall with Scotch® Wall Safe Tape.

I used good quality artificial flowers and they suited the look so well. The key is to make sure each stem is as light as possible - I found one of two (max) flowers on a short stem worked well. Any heavier and the tape might not hold up for long. Depending on how heavy the flowers are, I found the backdrop easily lasted a full day - enough time to install early that morning and last the distance for your day's celebration. 

This is perfect for behind the cake table, or as a photo backdrop. Your photos of the day will look so whimsical and beautiful with this floral background!

To create a floating flower effect, you can tape flowers to fishing line with Scotch® Super-Hold Tape. Then line them up at regular intervals, and tape the lines of flowers to the wall with Scotch® Wall Safe Tape. I used a few pieces of tape at the top to hold them securely. You could also try hanging the lines from the ceiling, something I haven't tried but I'm keen to give a go!

For a printable instruction sheet, click here.

Enjoy making a beautiful floral masterpiece! 

Julie xx