About Me and Clever Poppy


Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out instructions, figuring out where to buy supplies and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go! 

So a little bit about me, and how the idea for Clever Poppy came about...

First of all, I'm Julie, a kiwi mum who has a pretty damn awesome husband, and two kids we adore (Harvey and Piper). I have always loved being creative, and getting stuck into hand made projects. Since buying a house of our own, I've become quite smitten with beautiful home decor, and my interest in creating things has turned into a bit of an obsession!  There is just something wonderful about taking time out to throw yourself into a new DIY project, and even better when you get something special, beautiful and even functional for your home.  Bliss! 

Since having our children, life has taken on a new level of craziness. I started to notice that while I have lots of cool new project ideas ticking away in my head (or stacking up on my pinterest page), I rarely have the time or energy to gather all my supplies and get myself sorted to actually crack into a project.  So I started to wonder how many other people out there are like me?  People who get a buzz out of being creative, and a kick out of making something cool of their own, but never actually get around to doing what they love...Not to mention, they might want some guidance on the 'how to' side of the project, so that they have the confidence and inspiration to give it a go.

So I thought 'how about starting a blog/online store where I can inspire you, and sell creative DIY home decor projects, to bump you into action'?!

And here we are :)  Yippee! I hope you feel totally inspired from checking out my DIY projects and blog.  And if you are inspired to give a project a go, I hope you love the process from start to finish, and I can't wait to see what you create.  

Julie xx