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DIY Painted Herringbone Headboard

I recently did a makeover of our master bedroom, and I knew from the start that a statement headboard would take the makeover to the next level. I love the look of classic white and plywood, so I combined them to make a painted headboard with a herringbone effect. And I must say I LOVE the finished result! 

You will need:

This project is super easy to do, so long as you have the right materials. I used:

    • Resene paint in Alabaster. I used leftover paint we had from painting our walls - Spacecoat Low Sheen Waterborne Enamel.
    • Good quality painters tape. I used Sellotape Washi Advanced (18mm x 50m) - you can buy this from your local Resene store. Another great option is Scotch Blue Painters Tape, which also creates beautiful crisp edges.
    • A paint brush
    • A large sheet of plywood. You can buy it from most hardware stores, but I shopped around to get a piece as blonde as I could.  I bought a piece from Plywood City in Auckland. It's '18mm thick Poplar Plywood' cut about 1150mm high x 1550mm wide. We have just leaned it against the wall behind the bed (rather than screwing it onto the wall). So have a look at how high your bed base is and work out how much higher you'd like the bedhead to show above it, then use that combined measurement for how high the piece of plywood needs to be. Same thing with the width - I just measured the width of a queen bed then added on a couple more centimeters.
    • A pencil
    • A ruler

Below are the step by step instructions on how to make this head board. Let's get started!

Step One: Section off the plywood which will be hidden

Tape a horizontal line where the bedhead will meet the bed base, so that you don't waste time or materials painting the section which will be hidden behind the bed. 

Step Two: Add the Vertical Lines of Tape

Take a ruler and make a small pencil mark at every 10cm interval, working your way from left to right along the top of the head board. 


Then do the same along the piece of horizontal tape (make sure you start on the left for this too!).

Then attach rows of vertical tape that meet at the corresponding top and bottom pencil marks you've made. Make sure you centre the tape over the pencil marks as much as you can (to keep it as straight as possible).

Step Three: Create the herringbone look

Start at the top left, and lay diagonal pieces of tape between the first two rows. Then lay pieces of tape on the opposite angle between the next two rows.

The trick is to try to keep the same angle with each piece. But honestly don't be too picky, you won't get them all perfect and the overall effect will be the same so long as they are largely on the same angle. 

I started off with a wider gap between each piece then added another piece of tape in between because I decided later I wanted a finer, more detailed pattern.

Step Four: Time to paint!

Now you need to paint over the board so that all of the gaps in between the tape are painted white. 

Before you start (and this is important!) go over your board and make sure the tape is firmly pressed in all over, so that no paint can sneak in under the tape.

Then go ahead and paint (don't worry about painting the sectioned off piece at the bottom which won't be seen). I just did one coat, but you can do more if you want a thicker paint effect.

Step Five: The best part!

My favourite part is peeling off the tape to reveal the beautiful design you've created underneath. Wait until the paint is dry, then peel off all of the tape. I pulled off all of the diagonal pieces first, then the vertical pieces. 

And you're done! How easy was that to create such a detailed and intricately beautiful piece of furniture? 

I hope you enjoy every moment of making your headboard, and make sure you share photos with me on instagram, facebook or email because I'd love to see how you go.

Julie xx

Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart


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