July 25, 2015

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Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out instructions, figuring out where to buy supplies and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go...

DIY Project - Hand Painted Baskets

How gorgeous are these hand painted baskets? I’ve been wanting to give this project a go for ages, and I’m so happy with the results :)

I've always been a campaigner for living in 'organised chaos', and for this reason my house is full of storage solutions. I don't think it's realistic to live in a minimalist 'showroom' style home, because you'd spend your whole life tidying up rather than enjoying it! We naturally need lots of stuff in our living areas (whether its remotes, paper, mail, toys, coasters, pens, etc) and the way I keep on top of it is having storage baskets dotted around the place. At the end of the day I throw everything into its nearest one, and then once a month or so I go through them and have a clear out. For example, each evening the toys go in a basket in the corner of the lounge, and I have a lovely clear bench because all the bits and pieces that people dump on the bench go in a basket to the side.  I feel like it clears the physical space and my mind, making everything feel a bit more relaxed and ordered.  Happy times all around!

So why not take these storage baskets to the next level and add pops of beautiful colour? You might like to add bright eye catching colour, lovely soft pastels, or contrasting monochromes. You can also tailor the look so that it's the classic dipped style, or perhaps you might like geometric shapes or block colour.  Either way they look gorgeous and have that lovely hand crafted look.

Oh and did I mention how easy this project is? All you need is the baskets, some good masking tape, paint, and brushes.  

If this sounds like your kind of thing, pop over to my shop here, and you'll find a DIY kit to suit your needs.  There are two styles to choose from - dipped or fiesta style.  And each style has two different colour combinations, which are all so yummy you could eat them!  The kit will also come with a printed instruction sheet with step by step guidance on how to get this look. 
Can't wait to see what you create, have fun! xx








Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart


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August 10, 2015

Wow! Love these. So simple and so beautiful. Great work Clever Poppy!

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